Courtyard Lighting BLP2 Series




Courtyard Lighting BLP3 Series




Courtyard Lighting BLP5 Series




Courtyard Lighting (L-R LP264-84M | LP354-84L | LP165-12A)

Prismatic Luminaires - B-CME2 (l) and B-CMD1+Band (r)

Acrylic Luminaries - B-AG (l) and B-AC (r)

Acrylic Luminaries - B-AGB2A (l) and B-ACGF1 (r)

Acrylic Luminaries - B-AGA1A+Band (l) and B-AGB2 (r)

Bases - B-CL3 (l) and B-CL7 (r)

Bases - B-CL13 (l) and B-CL6 (r)

Bases - B-CL2 (l) and B-CL15 (r)

Light Pole Plant Hangers

Light Pole Planters and Banner Hanging Arms

Light Pole Flag Mounts

Light Pole Banner and Tripple Flag Mounting Bracket

Decorative Street and Courtyard Lighting

Site lighting structures are created from several parts, mainly bases, poles, and luminaires. Optional accessories include ladder rests, plant and flag holders, and both single and dual banner arms.

Courtyard lighting is generally shorter than street lighting with smaller luminaires and ships complete with a socket(s) for an LED or incandescent light bulb(s).

Ornamental site lighting pieces come in standard powder coated finishes of black and dark green.  Unpainted bases and poles are also available.

Pole Styles and Sizes

Street Lighting poles are available in square, round, and fluted.  Diameters vary from 3 inches to 5 inches.  At The Streetscape Company we stock posts in black powder coated finish, and unpainted.  We can special order other colors.


To determine the best size and shape for your application, please contact us.

Some Examples of Complete Ornamental Street Lighting

Our customers create their own street lighting assemblies from the different parts available.  Here are just a few of the many assemblies you can create.


From left to right SL-1, SL-2, SL-3, SL-4, SL-5, SL-6