Decorative Traffic Signs

Our ornamental traffic sign posts are welded rather than bolted, and they are powder coated rather than painted. This allows our products to be more durable and longer lasting than most other posts.

Our signs utilize round poles which can either be set in the ground, or mounted to one of our many sign bases.

The Streetscape Company, LLC is the first ornamental sign post designer/supplier that has made available a break-away post system as part of the ornamental sign post package. This new design concept allows our customers to re-use the ornamental post after it has been struck by a vehicle. When your Streetscape Company designed posts are hit, there’s a 65% chance you will be able to use the post again.

Compare our ornamental post packages with those offered by other suppliers.  We think you’ll agree it makes more sense to order your ornamental sign posts from The Streetscape Company, LLC!

All ornamental posts are available for street signs, stop/warning/speed limit signs, street and courtyard lighting, and also as mailbox posts.

Decorative Traffic Sign Components

Pictured above are only a few of the styles of ornamental sign posts you can create. In fact, the design of your post is limited only by your imagination! We will be happy to custom fabricate posts to fit your specific needs. Streetscape ornamental traffic signs consist of several parts that can be mixed and matched. Starting from the top down you will need:

A Finial.  The finishing touch of your ornamental traffic sign, finials come in a variety of styles.  They range from very simple to ornate, and are used to enhance the appearance of your sign and seal the top of the post.

One or more Signs.  Signs can be created in almost any size, color, and style.  Additionally there are different grades of reflectivity.  See our traffic sign pages for more information.

Sign Frames.  Many streetscape installations utilize frames around the signs to improve sign appearance.  Frames come in sizes to fit all standard traffic signs.

Mounting Hardware. Signs can be bolted to the post directly, or mounted via specialized hardware.  Some mounting hardware is decorative, as can be seen in many of the pictures above.  Some mounting hardware is simply functional and designed to receive little notice as in the picture to the right.

A Post. There are three main styles of ornamental post, each available in different widths, round, square, and fluted.  Ornamental posts are smooth, and require mounting hardware to affix the signs to the post.

A Base (optional).  Several styles of bases are available.  Bases fit around the post, the post is anchored in the ground. Integrate our break away post system to cut down on loss of the post when a sign is hit by a vehicle.  To save money some installations forego the base and use round post only.


Signs (in frames)




Many different finials are available in black or unpainted.  Many other colors are available for special order.



Sign Frames – Sign Trims

Sign frames (also known as sign trims) are made of cast aluminum and painted black.  They provide stability for the sign as well as a nice finished look.  Frames are available to fit most standard sign sizes.



Decorative Post Styles and Sizes

Street Lighting posts are available in square, round, and fluted.  At The Streetscape Company we stock posts in black powder coated finish, and unpainted.  We can special order other colors.



Traffic Sign Bases

Here are the most popular traffic sign bases that we offer.