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Browse hundreds of standard traffic signs.  We can manufacture any sign you need and this includes signs with logos and signs with unusual shapes and sizes.


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Find sign bases, posts, hardware, movable concrete sign bases, installation equipment, and rubber speed bumps and car stops.


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We carry work zone furnishings including cones, delineators, barricades, and more.  Check out just a few of our products here.  Call for more.

At Traffic Sign, Inc. we have the experience to help you understand all the Federal Highway codes and MUTCD requirements. Traffic Sign, Inc. offers products, designs, layouts, engineering and consulting to the traffic control industry.

We keep the most common (Engineer or High Intensity Grade) signs in stock (such as STOP, HANDICAP, NO PARKING, FIRE LANE, etc…) and can quickly ship any others.  We manufacture street name signs using the required city specifications.

Traffic Sign, Inc. is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. We carry everything from street signs to rubber speed bumps to ADA parking lot compliance products. We do installation, and are also available for your traffic control consulting needs. Our customers include property managers, home builders, developers, towns and cities, schools, shopping malls, neighborhood HOAs (home owner associations), military bases, grocery stores, asphalt companies, and more. We ship throughout the United States.