At Traffic Sign, Inc. we carry an extensive line of traffic control accessories. From rubber speed bumps to posts to mounting brackets, you’ll find them here.

A few of the products we carry are illustrated below. Contact us if you don’t see what you are looking for, chances are we can get it for you! Moveable Concrete Sign Bases | Sign Mounting Posts | Sign Mounting Hardware | Rubber Speed Bumps and Car Stops | Sign Installation Equipment

Movable Concrete Sign Bases

Our concrete sign bases are just the ticket for those difficult areas. The signs can be conveniently rolled out of the way for parking lot maintenance and snow removal. These bases are also excellent for use on signs that are constantly getting run over. Each concrete base weighs 185 pounds. These sign systems come standard with square post in a sleeve, but we can make them with U-Channel or round post.  (Stop sign pictured with standard assembly, ADA parking sign pictured with round post)

Moveable Concrete ADA Sign Base from Traffic Sign, Inc.

Sign Mounting Posts

U Channel posts are available in many different lengths. Galvanized or painted green finishes standard.

Square posts are available in a variety of lengths. Holes are punched every inch. Galvanized finish is standard.

Round posts are available in a variety of lengths and diameters. Galvanized and black standard finishes.


Wholesale Posts

Traffic Sign, Inc. and The Streetscape Company stock a wide variety of posts for mounting signs and lighting.  We buy our posts direct from the manufacturer and maintain a large stock of square, round, U‐channel and various decorative posts. Immediate pickup or fast shipping! Most of our wholesale posts are available in black or unpainted.  U-Channel posts are available in green or galvanized.

Concrete Surface Mounting Systems

Traffic Sign, Inc. offers a unique and economical answer to surface mounting of square or U-Channel posts.  The Flat Concrete Base is supplied in hot dipped galvanized finish, which you can paint if needed.  Installation is easy using a concrete drill and four concrete fasteners.  Two corner bolts of appropriate size, or four drive rivets are needed to fasten posts into the Flat Concrete Base.  You can use standard 1/2″ washers as shims to plumb your sign assembly on sloping surfaces.

Break-away Surface Mounting System

We now offer a unique, patented break-away surface mounting system for U-Channel, standard square, and round posts.  The system doesn’t require core drilling and helps to preserve your posts when they are struck by a vehicle.  The break-away system is sturdy and reliable but allows the sign assembly to disconnect from the base if hit. BCHRP350 tested and approved by the FHWA.

Sign Mounting Hardware

bracket200 Standard post top mounting hardware.  Attaches to top of U-Channel or square post.
long200 Hardware for mounting a street sign so it extends out from any pole or building.
cross200 Hardware for mounting a street sign on top and perpendicular to another street sign.
round200 Round post sign mounting bracket. Single or double available in aluminum or galvanized steel.

Rubber Speed Bumps and Car Stops

Rubber Car Stop

This is a rubber car stop for use in parking areas.  It comes in lengths of 3, 4, and 6 feet.  These rubber car stops are 6 inches wide and 4.5 inches high.

 Rubber Speed Hump

Slow your vehicular traffic down with rubber speed humps.  Each hump is made up of as many sections as necessary (sections described at right).

Speed Hump Section

Each rubber speed hump section is 24 inches in length.  Male/female joints allow easy assembly.  These humps hold up to a lot a traffic.  36 inches wide.

Rubber Speed Bumps

Rubber speed bumps have dual bottom channels for running pipe or cable and come in 4 or 6 foot lengths.  They are 12 inches wide and 2 5/8 inches high.

Post Installation/Removal Equipment

These two devices are made for driving sign posts into the ground (l) and manual removal of posts from the ground (r).  For more information on sign installation equipment and hardware, please contact us.